Monday, June 9, 2008

What Does Joanie Love?

Bocce, that's what. I know you've been waiting, breathless, for the Joanie Loves Bocce Blog, or JLBB for short, since the day we formed. And now, its here, and its probably a little anticlimactic.*

*Or not, but I do love saying "anticlimactic" out loud, so be sure read this blog aloud at least once. The best part is when you pronounce the "c" right before the "tic". Ennunciation is fun!

I will present the grand history of the JLB (or JheartB or whatever acronym/nickname we're using lately) in a future post. But for now, I'll just update everyone on the current events.

Saturday, June 7, 2008: The JLB opens the Summer 2008 season with a match against Excessive Force.* Excessive Force is scheduled to play a double header, with a game before ours against some team who's name I didn't recognize and don't recall. They didn't show up for the early game and didn't show up for our game. Summer 2008 begins with a win by forfeit. Abby, Hugh and Eric all showed up for the game. Lisa came late. Amy Little, a potential Summer alternate showed up, so points for her. We scrimmaged against the other team that was stood up by EF. We won in 3 games, but I don't remember the score, since it was just a scrimmage. Eric and Hugh played at the South end, Abby and I at the North. Lisa didn't come in time to get into the game. Eric was the only one who brought the skills, but the rest of us woke up a bit in game 3.

*I think we played them in Round 2 of the tournament last season in Winter/Spring 2008. If I remember correctly, they played well, but we won 7-4, 7-4.

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