Monday, August 25, 2008

CHAMPIONS of the Floyd Summer 2008 Bocce League

Well its about fucking time. And if feels pretty great. Last night, Joanie Loves Bocce achieved bocce nirvana. Yes folks, the JLB is the reigning Floyd bocce champion!

For me, it was quite a rollercoaster of a day. I had been drinking the night before: beer, beer, beer, scotch cocktail, whiskey cocktail, bed. I woke up with one of the more vicious hangovers I've had in a while. I'll spare the details, but my first food for the day was a Ritz cracker around 1:30 pm. My first successful attempt at being on my feet without throwing up was around 2:30 when I got in the shower in an attempt to get it together to get to my 3:00 bocce game. I would not let my team down. For the next three or four hours I struggled with headaches and heartburn and lightheadedness, but there was bocce to be played.

Quarterfinals. JLB vs. Hibocces. 1-7, 7-0, 7-4.
The Hibocces. I did not care for them at all. I mean, they're probably nice to their mothers, but that doesn't mean I want to play bocce with them. They had one girl on their team who seemed nice. She complemented me on my plaid vans. The rest of them, eh. All the more embarrassing when they leaped out to a big win in the first game. They won possession of the pallino on the coin flip and kept it for most of the game by playing the pallino very long and getting mostly lucky. Kirstie and Danielle at the north end, me and Eric at the south end, we couldn't really wrest back control. Until the second game.

In game 2, Kirstie came out, Hugh came in to play with Danielle at the North end. We took control back and kept it. We dropped the pallino super short, and they kept either missing on their attempts to knock it back, or just sailing by on their attempts to keep it close. They were a little cocky after that first game. We knocked the air out of them in the second. The third game was more of the same.

Semifinals. JLB vs. If You Want My Bocce ("IYWMB"). 6-7, 7-0, 7-6.
We like IYWMB. They've been in the league for a long while; they're nice guys and girls; and they're good. Very good. I think they have a trophy. In game 1, we kept our same squad of Hugh and Danielle and me and Eric. And we came out strong. We jumped ahead to an early 5-1 lead. We let them get back into it on a couple of mistakes and they took the game 7-6. Game 2, we switched it up a bit. Kirstie subbed in for Eric, Abby for Hugh. And man, did we take control. I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but it was a quick 7-0 win for us in the second game. Game 3 was tight again. We scored one, they scored 1, they scored 3, we scored 2. It was back and forth. At one point they were up 6-3. And then we scratched out a few more points and on to the finals. I think that was the most exciting game I've ever played. In comparison, the finals were a little bit of a let-down.

Finals. JLB vs. GBBB (great big balls of bocce?). 6-7, 7-0.
We came out a little rusty and fell behind 6-0. Then we rattled off 14 straight points. Done and done.

Presenting your Summer 2008 Floyd Bocce All Stars:
Kirstie "Laverne"
Danielle "Shirley"
Abby "Leather Tuscadero"
Lisa "Joanie"
Teresa "Mary Beth"
Hugh "Potzie"
Eric "Arnold"
Matt "The Fonz"


Jen said...

Jen = "Cheerleader in Spirit"

Good job, Sweetie, and the rest of the team!

WonderGirl said...

Lee called GBBB, the "Sandal Team" and all night said real men in Brooklyn don't wear sandals. As a born and bred Brooklyn boy I guess he feels he has the authority!

I'd also like to thank pinch hitter Walker Hare who came in Saturday July 26th to consume Redneck mimosas and ended up subbing, though he has never played! He was essential to our victory that day.

-3rd String Captain and Bocce All Star, Leather T.

Matt said...

Do flip flops count as sandals? I'll make sure I never wear mine in Lee's presence.

Oh, and while I assume that no one but fellow members of the JLB will ever read this blog, if anyone from the sandal team or the team o' frat boys I mentioned in the post is reading this, its all meant in good fun. I assume that there's some derogatory nickname about the Joanies that I don't know about. And I hope I never do.

Kirstie said...

I don't think you gave enough credit to Nux Vomica for the championship game.