Sunday, November 9, 2008

Latest News from Joanie-land

For those interested in the latest news in the wonderful world of Joanie Loves Bocce, you're in luck. I've got some free time.

Three weeks ago we played a doubleheader, and swept. Our first game was against Bocce Guevara. First of all, nice pun. Second of all, I don't approve of the whole Che Guevara as a pop-culture figure thing. He was a complicated historical figure, who may or may not have had a part in some brutal oppression in the name of the socialist cause. I don't know enough about it. But in general I don't approve of the idolization of military figures, which he is. Third of all, none of this has to do with bocce, so on with the stuff we're all hear to read about. We won in 2 games. It was three weeks ago, so I don't really remember exactly what happened. I think they were competent, didn't make any big mistakes, also but didn't make any really tough shots to put pressure on us. Its the kind of game that ends up being one point at a time, i.e Joanies kind of game. We won 7-3, 7-2. The same second game that day was against Do These Droids Speak Bocce, which, in contrast to Bocce Guevara, I love the name. First, its a quote from Star Wars. Second, its an exact quote from Star Wars, no pun required. Third, I like this team too, and not just because of their name. They were cool. We won 7-5, 7-2. Same as first game. They weren't bad, but also weren't great. And we were on our game. Danielle, for one, played very well.

Last weekend, we played the Holy Rollers and 7-3, 7-5. I don't remember much about this game either, except that I sat out the first game after being shamed by Jen Williams, who pointed out how far Abby comes to play. So Abby and Danielle played at the North end, Kirstie and Eric played at the South end, and I sat out. I think Kirstie came out in game two and I played with Eric. Oh and if I remember correctly, they were initially short a player and had a friend who had never played before playing for them. All things considered, they played well. Its hard to win when you have a rookie playing, especially against the Defending League Champions.

Today, we played another doubleheader (what a weird schedule this season) and won both in straight games. First we played the Bocce Brunch, who Eric recalls beating us last season. I think we were embarrassed about it because they have such a dopey name. I sort of like this team, except I didn't today. A lot of little things bothered me, but mostly it was at the end when we measured a ball and they thought they were closer and I thought we were closer. They measure with some slack in the measuring tape, which lacks precision. I hold it taut. This annoyed me, especially because I knew I was right. But I gave it to them because if it was a tie, we were going to roll anyway, and I knew we would eventually win anyway. Which we did. 7-5, 7-3 (I think). Oh, and I got to roll the winning ball, which made me feel good. Take that Bocce Brunch.

Game 2 today was against Balls Deep. I think this was the team I accused of being anti-social when we played against them last season. They were much more social this time. I take back everything I ever said about them. They played well this time too. But we were better. 7-3, 7-6.

Yes, that's five in a row. This makes us 6-2, with two games to go. Joanie Loves Bocce is on a roll.

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helenjane said...

Hey Matt,

We'd love to share with our East Coast counterparts -- we're setting up blogs etc. -- let me know if you're interested!

(I'm co-captain of the Napa Valley Joanie Loves Bocce team)