Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter/Spring 2009, Game 4: Joanies vs. Bocce Brunch

I've abandoned the experiment. No note taking this game, just bocce.

Game 1: Joanies 7, Bocce Brunch 3
Kirstie and Danielle played together at the North end, despite the no couples rule; Abby and Hugh played at the South. Abby was playing with a new cast on her right leg. Now that's one tough chick. Everyone played pretty well and we won 7-3.

Game 2: Joanies 3, Bocce Brunch 7.
Danielle and Teresa at the North end, Hugh and I at the South. I don't think we played too badly, but we didn't play great.

Game 3: Joanies 7, Bocce Brunch 5. Kirstie and Danielle again at the North, Abby and I at the South. Kirstie and Danielle didn't play great until their last round. Abby and I played well, until our last round. It balanced out to better than the other guys. Go Joanie!

We're now 3-1, and having a decent season. But now we get 3 weeks off. We'll see how well we shake off the rust.

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