Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter/Spring 2009, Game 5: Joanie vs. Laser Cats

Game 1: Joanies 3, Laser Cats 7
Teresa and Danielle at the North, Eric and I at the South. We did not play well. I started out trying to keep score like I did again Bourbon Balls, but we were playing poorly and it was distracting so I stopped. I kept a few notes though. Laser Cats won the coin toss and started from the North. Teresa and Danielle took the first point. Eric and I missed a few and gave back three points. Then Teresa and Danielle gave them three more. Eric and I took back two, but Laser Cats got the last point and won 7-3.

Game 2: Joanies 7, Laser Cats 2
Danielle and Kirstie at the North, Eric and I at the South. We got out to a 5-0 lead pretty quickly. They fought back a little and picked up one point in each of the next two rounds before we finished off the game.

Game 3: Joanies 7, Laser Cats 4. Same team. Same outcome. Go Joanies.

Not a great game, but not a terrible game. We had a long layoff, and need to practice more. Before we played, Bocce Brunch beat the Gowanus Igaunas. And after our game, Old Dirty lost to Do These Droids. I'm pretty sure Joanie is in first place in the Sunday division.

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