Friday, August 7, 2009

Joanie Beats Count Boccula: 7-2, 7-2

We felt bad about this one, really we did. Count Boccula stepped up for us the week before, lent us our fourth player so that we could deliver to the Little Lassos the defeat they so richly deserved. We repaid them by humiliating them 7-2, 7-2.

Humiliating is the wrong term though. I mean, if it was another team that we beat that badly, it would be appropriate, especially since it just as easily could have been 7-0, 7-0. But Count Boccula took the loss with class. Lauren, their captain, recognized that she was about five years behind Joanie in terms of bocce experience and asked us for some pointers after the match. We were happy to oblige.

When I left the bar afterwards, Eric and Hugh were still there hanging out with our new bocce pals.

Looking ahead to next week's game (tomorrow--I'm writing this on Friday)... We play a triple-header. I don't know whether to be excited or worried. Our first game is against the Mo I Bocce. Last time we played them, they only brought three players, we let them play anyway, and they won. I don't expect them to win again. They seemed more lucky than good. Then we play If You Want My Bocce, and then another game against IYWMB to make-up for a game they had to cancel earlier in the season. This is the part that worries me. First, I think we'll win the first game handily. We'll be good and warmed up from beating The Mo I Bocce. But the second game will be our third of the day and I expect most of us to be a little lacking in concentration, and half of us to be drunk. I don't like to play under circumstances like that, but so be it.

And in case anyone needs a reminder, IYWMB is the team we beat in the semifinals last summer that put that awesome video on their blog. You know, the one that names me "The Fixer." Love that. I think I'll watch it now to psyche myself up.

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